Technology Provides Infinite Food Resources

I’m so lucky to live in Chicago. There are a ton of great chefs that have opened some of the world’s best restaurants.  It is the town where Matt Maloney and Mike Evans conceived GrubHub and where Open Table’s Chuck Templeton resides. We’ve know our food here!

Whether I want to eat food, read about food or make food, I always head to my tech gadgets. Here’s some of my favorite resources:

Eat Food: I love GrubHub. Whether my family has a taste for Chinese, Pizza or Italian, I can just whip out my app and order from our favorite restaurants. Simplicity at its best. When we’re ready to go out for dinner, Open Table is a must. It’s easy to see when reservations are available at the hottest new restaurants. Earning points and being able to make reservations from anywhere at anytime is awesome.

Read About and Make Food: These two categories roll into one, since many food blogs contain recipes. One of my favorite blogs is Werd. I search under man food and it comes up with all of these great food ideas and recipes that I probably would have never have come up with on my own. Blue Kitchen is another great blog that has simple recipes with a ton of photos. Finally, for those with a sweet tooth, Evil Shenanigans is the blog for you.

If you don’t want to eat, read about or make food there are plenty of options to watch it. From the Food Network and the Cooking Channel to PBS to movies, there’s are plenty of options to keep you sated. One of my favorites: Julie & Julia.

I want to know what your favorite food-related apps and blogs are. Share them with me on Twitter: @RyanKDean

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