Sunday Funday – Dean Style

Kiddieos with in-laws, then a day on the town with my beautiful bride and friends, we found ourselves having a nice cup of Joe at the Palmerhouse prepping to wake-up from a long night of babysitting Zsa Zsa von Hinsdale (my mother’s shitzu) and a cranky kid.  We had Book of Mormon on our mind …

Book of Mormon is playing at the Bank of America Theater.  Absolutely hysterical, though extremely crass, offensive, and controversial; I really enjoyed the writers/creators take on this religion. “South Park” creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone collaborated on the book, score and lyrics with “Avenue Q” co-writer Robert Lopez.

I do not want to ruin this for anyone by telling the story line or explaining what I thought were the funniest part, because it ALL was!  If you feel like it, Tweet me your side crunching one-liner and we can dialogue.

If not, go see it and be ready to be slapped across the face; it will offend you at some point, maybe the whole time, but will also make your face hurt from laughter.  Aside from the hysterics, all of the performers were absolutely amazing artists.  We are really lucky to have such a Broadway presence here in Chicago. The talent is phenomenal!

Then we were off to Sunda, Rockit Ranch’s Chic-Asian venture. For those who have not been, get there. For those who have, let’s raise our glasses and give this place another standing “O” … amazing as always!!  We did a four-person round table of sushi, signature dishes, rolls, and capped the night off in a ‘Ridiculous’ manner.

Everything was awesome, but the highlight was watching the making of the Stuffed Avocado … how do they get the spicy tuna, shallots, and Japanese salsa in there?  You’ll have to check it … sushi-magicians!  Props to our server Christina, she was a blast.

If you are not familiar with how this came about, Billy Dec, Brad Young and Arturo Gomez positioned Chicago through feedback on “A Chicago Thing” post closing of Martini ranch.

All the while, the division playoffs were on and none of us cared.  Talk about cultured!!!

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