Wi-Fi: A Must Have for Your Next Event

Technology is everywhere these days. With these new technologies come expectations from attendees. Chances are your attendees are looking to share on social networks from their smart phones and their tablets/laptops. Sometimes even both!

And it’s not just attendees. Speakers, staff members and exhibitors are also going to rely on the need for connectivity. With all of these people utilizing their technology, that is a lot of bandwidth.

Some event venues want to leave attendees and guests out in the cold, letting them run on their own 4G or 3G networks. Those with tablets and laptops may be left out in the cold in this circumstance. According to comScore, 91 percent of tablet owners and 98 percent of laptop owners rely on WiFi to connect to the Internet. Mobile hotspots are another option, but again, many people don’t want to burn through their data plans.

Even though it may be expensive, the best way to go is to provide your guests with WiFi. This is one part of the event that you shouldn’t skimp on the cost for. The reach of your event over the internet and social media websites can result in more exposure for your event and brand.

Do you provide Wi-Fi opportunities for our attendees? Do you encourage your guests to live tweet and post on social media?


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